Clegyr Boia Bone Fragment

Middle Paleolithic Era. The Senghenydd Crate.


In addition to the photographs and material within Sir Cyril Fox's notebooks, The Senghenydd Crate also contained a series of bones and bone fragments retrieved by Fox during the 1926 and 1942 digs.


It appears from the sketches in Fox's notebook that this particular bone was instrumental in the discovery of the Bullbird during the excavation of a Neolithic site at Clegyr Boia. Late one night, Fox's assistant Tumpo entered his tent with this bone balanced upon his head, calling it "the finest hat of his life".

Instantly curious, Fox asked Tumpo to show him where it had been found. When he did so, Fox realised the bone was one of many and work his team to begin further excavations by firelight. By morning the outlines of the Bullbird were visible.


Clegyr Boia Reconstruction
Curved Horn
Dig Photograph 213
Dig Photograph 219
Tumpo's Coat & Trowel